I have experience architecting, designing, and building complete mobile solutions. Most mobile solutions include a traditional website, web applications and data services.  I can help you build a new mobile application or I can help you convert from a desktop or browser bound site.

The main goal is to create the comprehensive solutions that provide advantage in the world of digital economy for my customers and allow them to be still one step before competitors.

The special importance and significance are put to achieve a success of my customers which lead me to be successful, too. I have experience from different areas, important not only for understanding customer's needs but also able to design and create solutions and provide smooth rollouts. Simultaneously I am able to provide support and maintenance of my developed solutions.

Spectrum of my services started with intranet and internet applications but do not end with mobile solutions, which can exist alone or can create modular part of customer's systems.

Regardless expansion to other areas, the key activity remains the development of solutions for mobile devices based on client/server technology with high added value.